Our prices

Book a taxi by calling +358 (0)100 7300
(2,50€/call + 0,25€/10s + local network charge)
Use our free Taksini-app.

Valid from 2.12.2021. Valid in orders made from Lähitaksi (phone call or Taksini -app). Otherwise please ask the price of the journey from the driver in advance. Also see below the various types of transportation that you can order from us.

Basic fee

The basic fee for a taxi ride from 1 to 4 persons is 7,90 €. The basic fee for a taxi ride from 5 to 8 persons is 11,90 €.

If necessary, you can scroll the table to see all our prices.

1-4 1,40 € 0,80 €
5-8 1,96 € 0,80 €


Assistance fee – if a customer requires assistance and a vehicle equipped for the disabled, 15.00 €

Fee for stretcher – retrieval and installation before transport of stretchers needed for the transportation of a customer, 30.00 €

Assistance fee – as above, but assistance in stairs is done manually or with the help of a stair climber, 30.00 €

Fee for booking advance 0.00 €

Goods transport surcharge 5.00 € (large items such as bicycles, skis, pets, etc., do not apply to normal luggage)

Child car seat 10.00 €

Package transportation fee (incl. VAT 24%)

Prices include VAT 10%